Oct. 21st, 2006: Performance in San Cesario di Lecce


Lu Cafausu, an old coffeehouse located in a small town in the south of Italy, has become the inspiration for stories, exhibitions, performances and actions in Lecce, Rotterdam, Bologna, New York ad Phoenix. We identified Lu Cafausu as a metaphorical place, so meaningless to become a symbol of our time. It’s “an imaginary place that really exists." 

On October 21, 2006, at 3pm, the four artists performed some actions in the town of San Cesario di Lecce, as the first part of their collaborative project called “ Lu Cafausu” that will be later developed at the vertexList gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

With the support of Lorenzo Cherin arte contemporanea (Lecce), and B&B Casina Mozart (Magliano), Gabriele Buscicchio, Davide Faggiano.

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