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Qualche storia cafausica / The Cafausica Tales, Fondazione Lac o Le Mon, 2018

Besides, it’s always the others who die, published by Verlag für moderne Kunst / Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamp, June 2014

Illustre Scultura Polimaterica, Comune di Bologna, 2011


Gelosia, Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamp, Cully, CH, Apr-June 2014

Click or Clash?, Galleria Bianconi, Milano, IT, 2011 (cur. by Julia Draganovic)

Italia Ora, Museo H.C. Andersen, Roma, IT, 2011 (cur. by LUISS Master of Art)

Dove finisce il destino? A-logicità dell’esistenza, Teatro Valle, Roma, IT, 2011 (cur. by Elena Abbiatici, Valentina G. Levy)

Contemporary Passages: temporary roots and interweaving paths, Tent, Rotterdam, NL, May 2007 (cur. by Angela Serino)

A false luke, Vertexlist, New York, US, Jan 2007

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Uno specchio per cinque, La Galleria Nazionale, Roma 2017

Uno specchio per cinque, Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich 2016


The celebration of the living (who reflect upon death), 4th ed., Phoenix, AZ, Nov 2, 2013

The celebration of the living (who reflect upon death), 4th ed., Porto Cesareo, IT, Nov 2, 2013

The celebration of the living (who reflect upon death), 3rd ed., everywhere and San Cesario di Lecce, IT, Nov 2, 2012

Lu cafausu Unworkshop: Death & Capital(ism), And And And, Turnhalle, dOCUMENTA (13), Kassel, DE, 2012 (cur. by Ayreen Anastas, Rene Gabri)

The Celebration of the Living, public meeting and dinner, ASU Combine Studios, Phoenix, Arizona, US, 2012

Lu cafausu, public lecture, ASU Art Museum, Tempe, Arizona, US, 2012

Illustre Scultura Polimaterica, book launch, Libreria coop Ambasciatori, Bologna, IT, 2011 (cur. by Rita Correddu, Alice Militello; pres. by Francesca Marianna Consonni)

The celebration of the living (who reflect upon death), 2nd ed., Venezia-San Cesario di Lecce, IT, Nov 2, 2011

The celebration of the living (who reflect upon death), 1st ed., San Cesario di Lecce, IT, Nov 2, 2010

Illustre Scultura Polimaterica, Link, Bologna, IT, Jan 2010

Lu cafausu in Second Life, project developed with Stanford Humanities Lab, Stanford University, US, 2008

Forgotten Sculptors, Performa07, Sculpture Center, New York, US, Nov 2007

Lu cafausu, San Cesario di Lecce, IT, Oct 2006


Microclima: La festa dei vivi, 2 (ita) / Microclima: The celebration of the living, 2 (eng)

Rovine, scarti, ricordi, by Cecilia Guida (ita)

Meeting Through Fasting, for the «First international lunchtime summit» by 16beaver, NY, (pdf, 1.5 mb) (eng)

Lavorare gratis godendo (rubrica di economia) (ita)

The State of Things (discarded objects and waste found at sculpture center between Oct 30 and Nov 3, 2007) (eng)

Potluck june 17, 2008 with Basekamp, Philadelphia (skype chat history) (eng)


Hamelijnck, R. – Terpsma, N. (ed. by), Italian Conversations. Art in the age of Berlusconi, Fucking Good Art/NERO/post editions, Roma/Rotterdam, 2012.

Pasini, F., L’intuizione è vita vissuta, «Exibart onpaper», 79, June 2012.

Rosso, P. (ed. by), Microclima, Venezia 2011.

Boragina, F. – Brivio, G. (ed. by), «boîte», 6, 2010.

Guida, C., Scarti, rovine e ricordi. L’uso nell’arte contemporanea, in Borrelli, D. – Di Cori, P. (ed. by), «Rovine Future. Contributi per ripensare il presente», Lampi di stampa, Milano 2010.

Brusarosco, P. – Farronato, M. (ed. by), Souvenir d’Italie. A nonprofit art story, Mousse Publishing, Milano 2010.

N.P., Forgotten Sculptors, at the Sculpture Center, «Art in America», Feb 2008.


Steve piccolo reading the first three episodes of Lu cafausu

Sarina Basta interviewing Cesare Pietroiusti on Forgotten Sculptors (streaming)

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blog: forgotten sculptors

performa07, biennial of new art performance

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cesare pietroiusti


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